Susan Comerford  Oil Landscapes

I have been an artist all of my life. It is an obsession of mine to create, to learn, to express in art. I have worked in all of the two dimensional
media and found joy in every kind of subject. As my knowledge and
competence have grown I have gradually settled into a love of the
landscape that now impels me to search out and express what I see and
feel about every new place I am attracted to.

I seek in these landscapes to make art that will last for many generations in the permanent medium of oil. I have always loved the Impressionists and there is a relationship to that way of painting in my work. Landscape has become a favorite subject and I particularly love to do large format works that feel almost like 'walk in' paintings. In contrast to that I also like to work on location on small canvases to experience being on site and being part of the very landscape that I am depicting.

My ultimate goal is to have my art bring joy to those who buy it and also
to their descendants. I like to think that my landscapes will be passed
from generation to generation and outlive myself by hundreds of years.