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A painting done on three canvases, each one 36" x 24" making a total of 36" x 72" when displayed side by side. Ecola State Park is on a high bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocea. Cannon Beach is in the distance and vaguely visible in this painting. These paintings are framed separately so that they can be displayed with a space between each that can vary depending upon the display area.
This area has a special meaning for me. Early in my painting career I came to Cannon
Beach two summers in a row to study painting with Fred Kline from Portland Sate University.He was a wonderful man and excellent instructor who made me aware of the fact that the act of painting itself is what is important to the artist. The product is secondary, and if heart and soul go into the painting viewers will sense it and respond.

The view from Ecola State Park near Cannon Beach, Oregon
Ecola Panorana
36" x 72" Triptych